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Human children are protected by their parents for many years. They are given time to learn and develop, before they are left to fend for themselves. Some of them, anyway, as those who are born in poor families or from bad genitors have to learn the art of protection, much earlier. This is also true of most animals. In the case of the Maiden and Adam, they were born with the privilege of having some basic knowledge already inside them, courtesy of the Beings. It was the least they could do, if they wanted their specimens to survive. But survive, they did, by using mostly the same methods that animals do.

The beauty of a new world quickly gave way to many necessities that required attention urgently. The first was to get warm. When night came, the two of them were shivering. Their nakedness was unlike other animals. It would seem that their all-knowing genitors had forgotten to provide some key elements to help them in their survival. Their fur was quite light, to say the least. And so, they quickly looked for a place where they could hide from the wind and the rain. They found a cave, a little more than a kilometer away from the lake, which they immediately considered home.

It did not stop them from being cold, though. They cuddled together, his body behind hers, as they shared their warmth. Two naked bodies locked on one another create more heat. That is one of the signs of the greatness of the Triality. But it is too soon to go into that part of the story. And as glorious as it is, this unity was still insufficient to create the heat that they really needed. Again, I felt that sense of responsibility creeping inside me. I felt uncomfortable. And so, for the very first time in my billions of years of existence, I did something that I opposed: I used my powers.

As cold as they were, from the moment that night came upon them, the human couple fell asleep in each other’s arms. But they were still suffering from the cold, even as they slept. And so, I decided to provide them a little help. I could not have done it if the storm had fully gone, but since it was still raging, I managed to direct lightning onto a tree, nearby. The crashing sound that it made, had them both on their feet right away. Fear is definitely one of the strongest sentiments inside humans, on a scale level. This time, they were both looking in every direction, awakened in a flash.

The tree caught fire right away, as it was thorn in two. There was surprise and amazement in both their eyes, as they watched the flames grow. However, they seemed more intent in remaining in the cave than before, which was not the way I had planned this. I needed them to understand that the fire could keep them warm. I turned the wind around, so that it would flow in their direction. I wanted them to sense that the fire was creating heat. Thankfully, it worked. Adam made a gesture towards the Maiden, signifying that he wanted her to remain inside the cave. She did not protest, this time, quite happy to remain where she was.

The cold of the rain falling on Adam’s body produced goosebumps right way, but the pride that was instilled inside him, kept him going without him showing his discomfort. He walked quite rapidly at first, but soon enough the heat became too much. And so, he slowed down before stopping completely about 50 meters away from the tree. He was enjoying the warmth that the flames created, but the rain was still a problem. I could tell that his mind was trying to process everything rapidly, in order to get him to some kind of solution that would make them benefit from my gift, while also remaining dry. The solution came when he turned his vision to the right, where a large branch had fallen, thrown away from the tree by the impact of the lightning. Flames were licking one end of it.

I must admit that I was impressed with how quickly Adam reacted. He started to move towards the branch immediately, grabbed the end which was still untouched by the flames and start pulling it towards the cave. Once there, he indicated to the Maiden that she should move inwards, inside the cave, as he carried it entirely on covered ground. The eyes of the Maiden were full of wonder at the sight of the multicoloured tongues of fire. She was smiling and it made me happy. Centuries later, we would talk about this event. And with the accumulation of knowledge, this little trick of mine did not seem unharmful to her anymore. In fact, she is quite angry, as she feels that I could have chosen a tree a little farther off, just to make sure there was no danger for them. She may be right, but they both survived thanks to me, anyway.

That night, they went back to sleep, in the same position that they had been previously, with the curves of his body parallel to hers, without one millimetre between each other. I watched over them throughout the night. They now looked peaceful, unlike me, as I knew there were so many other dangers lurking that could end them.

I came closer, and settled at the side of the Maiden, examining each centimeter of her body. I was particularly interested by her lips. Somehow, I felt like it was an entrance door to what she really was; a place where I could uncover the mysteries held within this new being. Of course, I was wrong. The beauty of her mouth misled me. It was in her eyes that I would later discover the depth of a world where I was bound to lose myself, if I ever did enter.

As I scrutinized every centimeter of her skin, soft was the quality that kept coming back to mind. And though I had no hands to feel the sensation of the touch, I thought I could actually understand how it would feel to be able to come in contact with her skin. It is at the moment that I was thinking this precise thought that the Maiden opened her eyes. I was surprised, as she looked towards my essence with her wide eyes still sleepy and peaceful. She remained awaked for a very short time, smiled and then closed her eyes again.

In these few seconds, I felt that she wasn’t afraid of anything. And although I couldn’t explain how this could be, I knew that my presence by her side was responsible for this abandonment. It made me feel complete. What a strange idea… Was I not already so?

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