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Filling the Hunger

Days went on. The Maiden and her companion were gradually uncovering their way on earth. They had managed to maintain the fire, as they understood that they needed to stay warm to survive on this planet.

So many things to learn in such a short time… Life doesn’t wait. Whatever it needs, it requests from you, and you have to provide. But that never-ending dynamic seemed to make them efficient. They went along, providing for themselves, whatever their body wanted. They were remarkably similar to animals. The hunger was their number one preoccupation, just like all other living things on earth.

But there was a difference between the man and the woman. She seemed determine to find solutions to every minor problem that they faced, while he seemed much more focused on his cravings and investing ways to fill parts of him that requested pleasures. And as days passed, I understood that the desire of mating was growing rapidly and potently, most specifically in Adam.

I had seen animals do it, of course. Sometimes, it was quite exciting to watch. Other times, it was just odd and deranged. But I know better than to judge. Nature has its way of doing things, and it is not to be disturbed by outside forces like me, even if the other Beings would say differently. But I know that otherwise, everything would become unbalanced. And so, even though it was hard to fathom why a spider would kill and eat her partner, once he had impregnated her, I knew that it made sense in this world, which was not meant to be a purely rational one. After all, the beauty of it was largely embodied by exceptions and oddness that could be found here and there. If it wasn’t so, life would be boring and without interest, and I would have been moving on, away from earth, a long time ago.

One day, as the Maiden was getting ready to go to the lake and collect water, she felt something humid running down her leg, again. It was thicker than the amber liquid she rejected daily, though. She was surprised and let out a little sound that made Adam come closer to see what was happening. As she touched herself, her fingers were tainted red. She brought them to her nose, to smell them, and Adam did the same. To her the musty smell was somewhat repulsive, as she brought her fingers away from her face rapidly. However, it produced a totally reverse effect on Adam. And the strength of the sensation did not go unnoticed on me.

The sexual hunger that was already sensible in both of them, became magnified a thousand times inside the male. As he watched her walk away towards the lake, the simple vision of her body made his sex immediately go hard. He was looking at her behind as if it was food. There was nothing else he could think about. His mind was clouded with the need to enter into her. It had no proper justification in his mind, but it didn’t feel like it required one, either. He couldn’t have cared about anything else, even if a large animal had been lurking nearby, waiting to devour them. For now, he was the predator about to go for the kill, and she was the prey.

The violence of the thought inside Adam’s mind caused me tremendous pain, as I knew there was nothing I could do to alter the fate of The Maiden. Having seen so many mating acts, I had no idea how this one would go. But the darkness inside the mind of Adam made me fear for the worse. I also knew that, even if I could do something to stop what was about to happen, I had no right to do so. This was as natural as any act could be in this world, and one had to respect that above all. I was going to remain a silent spectator or else, I needed to leave now. But I didn’t.

For a third time, the Maiden felt the strength of her companion, as he snatched one of her wrist and twisted her around to face him. This time, she instantly recognized what he wanted. There was no misunderstanding the gesture. Sexuality was alive in both of them. Fear did play a part for her, that first time that they united. But as I understood immediately, it was more the fear of the unknown than anything else. It seemed like she was programmed to accept Adam inside her, and fully willing to do so.

As he roughly placed her on the ground, spreading her legs, he descended upon her and quickly found his way into her vagina, mechanically moving in and out, rapidly. It was over in a remarkably short time. And what I expected to happen… didn’t. In fact, strangely enough… nothing happened. Adam moved out, throwing himself on the ground, elated and filled completely by the pleasure that he was experiencing. It went away in a matter of minutes and left him tired and fulfilled, with no other thoughts than a joyful feeling.

As for her, she was left with a sense of having fulfilled her duty. She seemed also relieved that it all happened so fast. Most of all, her thoughts went right back to the task at hand: going to get water. Almost as if nothing had happened.

As for me, I have to admit that it left me a bit dumbfounded. As if I was expecting a life-changing event to happen and was disillusioned. Something didn’t feel quite right, but I had no idea why, and wouldn’t know until I could experience the sexual act myself, which I did not imagine would ever happen, at the time, either.

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