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Let me introduce myself...

At first, there was nothing. At least that is what I was thought to believe, back in the days when we all lived together, us “Beings.” Humans sometimes refer to us as God. However, we are not one, but many.

Back then, we could not imagine that there was something bigger than us, since we could do anything that we wanted to. And to be fair, in the moment when our universe was born (which is also yours), it was not so large. At least, if you compare it to today. So, why would we have believed that we were only a part of something greater? We were, after all, the only inhabitants of the vastness around us. Today, I know better, though. There are too many things that have shown me differently, through these close to twelve billions of years.

But to remain ignorant of that knowledge, voluntarily, is a fault that most in my family gladly make, still today. They would rather believe that they are all-powerful than simple puppets. A luxury, it seems, I cannot afford anymore. Not if I want to survive.

Although I understand that we come from the start, I do not believe that we are the end. And if it is not so, then it means we are not the full circle that we pretend to be. Most precisely that “they pretend to be,” as I have left their so-called divine group, a long time ago. When I did, I had no idea that my existence would be so different than theirs, in the future. But besides the all-encompassing knowledge that we share, since we witnessed the beginning, and went through the full history of the universe together, we don’t have much in common anymore.

My choices have led me to lead a different life. Or should I say that it made me live instead of simply exist? While they are still in the same form as they have always been, I mutate constantly from life on earth to suspension in another realm. One that I know nothing about, since my time there is always emptiness. At least that is how I feel when I wake up again. As if I had jumped from my previous body to this new one. But I know it is a lie, as decades, sometimes centuries have gone by, since my ultimate breath.

I imagine that this is all very difficult for you to understand. I will have to start at the beginning, if I am to have any hope that you can follow me through the history of the Triality World. But before you know the facts, I want you to understand the depth of who I am. This will certainly be useful to help you grasp (if only a little) some of the moments that I will describe in this story, which are entirely above your capacity.

Please forgive me; I do not wish to belittle you. It is not your mind that lacks the intelligence, but the experience that you don’t possess, which is often the only way that you can relate to an event, to a feeling, or even to another.

There is a particular reason why I can’t fully initiate this story from the beginning, though. For I would not be writing it, if I thought that my existence would go on, as it has always have in the past, unto forever. But you see, something is wrong. Really wrong. And so, I find myself sitting at a desk, writing my memoirs, in case I was not to come back again, after this life. It would be truer to say that I am forcing my host to sit down and to place this series of words, one after the other. But I am sure he doesn’t mind. I think he knows, what I suspect: That he is about to replace me.

Have they decided that I was getting too old? By that, I mean that the knowledge I have accumulated could lead me to unmask them. Are they collaborating with the Bonhommes or are they one and the same? Is the revelation of the Triality, through words and as a concept, putting an end to my infinite story with the Maiden? These are a lot of questions to which I don’t have answers to. As you will understand through the tale I am about to tell you, it simply makes no sense. I should be eternal. But it would seem that I am not.

Now, it is time for me to introduce myself. I would rather not, as I know this will only confuse you even more. I am Lucifer, defender of liberty for one and all. No; that does not mean only to humans, but to all that exists in the universe. On earth, that starts with nature, which was there long before you arrived. You weren’t there when I got to witness the beauty of this planet. I watched as earth spewed lava, squirting it out of the ground, all around the globe. An explosion of fire, that shall never be erased from my memory, so powerful it was.

Without this original destruction, earth would not be what it is today.

Without its beauty, I wouldn’t have stayed here. Instead, I would have been attending the meetings of the “Beings.”

And if I hadn’t been here, when the Maiden was born… Then many of you would not be alive today.

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