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When I First realized I hated the Notion of Control

The Triality World is made of two different lines of human beings: One that cherishes control, and the other that believes in chaos. They are both direct descendants of the Beings, although, in very different ways. The first ones were directly created by them (excluding me), in order to bring earth to its knees, while the second was born out of my love for this planet (first) and of the Maiden (second). This lineage – my lineage - believes in chaos.

Before you start giving your own meaning to the key words above, let me explain them both, as clearly, yet as simply, as I can. Let’s start with control.

To control is to provide a precise way for things to happen. To control, is to remove someone else’s free will, for the benefit of the group (or society, as you call it). To control also applies to nature, as we redesign the course of rivers, so it can be turned into electricity. To control the earth was the wish of the rest of the Beings; when they placed Adam and the Maiden on earth. They were raised from the ground to create a superior species that would be able to apply its superiority, in order to control the rest of life and direct it in a way that made sense to their collective group. The Beings, I mean.

I often wondered if in truth, their objective was only to destroy my own freedom, as they knew that I lived there happily, without missing them. But then again, I am probably directed to think so, through my own memory card, inside me, which makes me think the way that I do. It may very well be that they wanted to continue the experience on earth, simply because one of them had chosen it already – which would be me. I never got to ask, and even if I had the chance again, I probably never would. This could provide them with a sense of satisfaction that I do not want them to ever possess, over me.

As for chaos, it is the belief that if you leave the universe to do what it intends, it will always be for the best. With human beings, chaos means to respect each other’s beliefs and life. For if we did so, there would always be a natural solution coming up, that would enable us to live happily together.

I write us, because I have been human ever since that morning, after the Maiden gave birth to Adam’s twins. And besides the moment of unconsciousness that I go through, when I wait to be reborn yet again, I always exist in the flesh. So, yes, I do consider myself part of the human race. And after all, it is my blood that races through the veins of so many of you today. Maybe they are a smaller number than Adam’s descendants, but then again, I was never very high on preaching, at the opposite of the rest of my family, which has greatly helped humanity in making babies that were created to follow the control line.

This leads me back to the very first moment when I understood that I hated the concept of control. The confusion moment, right after our birth, did not last long. At least if you consider the full amount of time that we have now existed. I will spare you the details of my encounter with each of the Beings, if but for one, which will help explain my name.

When we all got together for the first time, we shared stories of how we each got to meet. It was quite exciting at the time (though it would bore you entirely reading about it now), and it helped us form a common knowledge of who we were, individually. When the first Being that I encountered explained how we met, he said that he found me at the base of a gigantic ray of light. As if I was holding it. That is when the group chose my name, which as you know, means “Barer of light.” Yes, I was always known as Lucifer. That part of the story is quite true.

Very quickly, we had become a structured group. We met regularly and discussed our findings, as we were trying to keep up with the rapid expansion of the universe. That is the element that started the concept of control. The Beings became obsessed with the idea that they had to control how the Universe was growing. While they were planning and scheming, I was opening myself and trying to learn (always without judging), what I was discovering.

We had been born with some capacities to affect our surroundings; that is true. But I never thought that it was meant to change the way that things functioned. Yet, the Beings were of a different mindset.

One day, as I was navigating around, simply enjoying the new interactions I was witnessing, a major collision happened between two extremely large rocks. They were bigger than the planets in our solar system, so it did cause quite a stir in that part of the universe, and all the Beings were well aware that it happened.

At our next meeting, I was asked why I did not prevent the collision from happening, since I was right there when they crashed into one another. I did not understand why they expected me to stop something that the universe had decided was good for itself, and let it be known. All the other Beings were shocked by my proposition, and one of them started to explain to me, how it was our job to make sure that things ran smoothly in the universe.

I am using very light terms here, in explaining the scene. I guess the reason why, is that I am trying to get you to smile at the ridiculousness of the situation. But the truth is, if you are part of Adam’s family, you will only think that I am crazy for not having “done my job” and prevented the merging of two celestial corpses into one, that day, so long ago.

For me, though, that is the precise moment when I understood that I hated the concept of control. And although I stayed with them a little while longer, I never felt connected to them, in any fashion, again. Therefore, on the day that I discovered this ball of flame, that is earth today, I did not hesitate to head there to continue my study of life. And I never, ever, left this place, afterwards. They did not come for me, and I never envisioned getting back with them. Something inside each of us knew that I was not meant to be part of their group. Or maybe, they just did not want me there, which is fine with me, still to this day.

I don’t think I was supposed to come to this particular planet, in the first place, but I am pretty sure that whoever created my matrix inserted, something very different in it than in all the other Beings. I also believe that their goal (whoever they are) was to create chaos as well. Because only from chaos can you come up with new life. And without renewal, this universe would be heading to certain death.

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