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The Divide of the World


It is becoming harder and harder to talk about any subject, without being attacked by someone pretending to know “the truth.”

I thought it was time to analyze the situation, without trying to make a point of who’s right and who’s wrong.

That is what I have done in the blog/podcast below,

as I looked at the recent past, to try to help us build a better common future.

Welcome to the inner depth of my mind


S1 / E1 - Writing about division, in the hope of raising unity

Luis - The Divide of the World S1 E1Luis
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The numerous divisions we have created in this world affect all of the principles I live by, in one way or another: My freedom of choice, my capacity to grow to whatever I expect to become, and first and foremost, the possibility to achieve a higher level of consciousness and existence, through unity with (an)other, which I call “The Triality.” 

There is but one reason why we have arrived at this point: We have come to forget to respect others' positions. For various reasons, which I will identify through this new blog/podcast in the weeks to come, each of us has been led to believe that we own “the truth,” and that (to a certain extent) others spill lies. An analysis of the social conflict we are going through, shows that there are many external elements that brought us to this point. But no matter why, it is safe to say that many, today, feel 100 percent convinced that those that think differently than them are simply wrong. 

Life is a lot more complex than just being right or wrong. Two people seeing the same event can have completely different opinions on what really happened. Is there one that is more true, right or just than the other? No. However, since our world is based on a judicial system, it turns the answer into a “yes,” when it comes to legal repercussions. But on a human level, it is totally normal that events are seen differently, through the eyes of the beholder. That is what experience does. According to what we have lived, we will integrate information differently, inside our brain.

In communication classes, when they teach you how to debate, the teacher provides you with a subject that he or she chose, and determines which side you will be arguing for. If you think there are limits to what you can debate, and believe that some things are undefendable, then you are already putting yourself in a divisive position with others. And that makes it difficult to start a conversation with someone. Although it is not easy to keep an open mind about all things, the power it provides, once you manage to do so, is extremely important in our social life, but also simply for our growth. It also removes the weight of the world off our shoulders. Why? Because we don’t feel aggravated or overjoyed anymore, by words, images, or actions. We just understand why they exist and we benefit from a newly opened window in our mind. 

Open-mindedness doesn’t ask of you to believe in something that you don’t; just to comprehend that others around you may think differently, and that they can have very good reasons backing their choices to do so; just like you. It brings you to a higher level, as it lets you entertain the world through all its facets; instead of just through the ones you were provided with, during your school years, in your parents' teaching and your personal experience. In fact, the only way to be free and fully become who we really are, is to break the cultural barriers, because they refrain us from seeing what we really want, what we really feel and who we really are. 

We are now embarking on a ride, where we will  try to discover the core of the problem and its various roots, so we can all be a little more at peace with each other. Instead of pointing the finger, we’ll discover what influenced us through the last decades, that made us adopt such a black and white view of the world, until we get to understand the divide and finally break it down. 

It will be even harder now that war has broken out in Ukraine. Nothing is as divisive as war, thanks to propaganda, and there is no greater hate than the one you will find on a battleground. But it makes it much more important to look at the subject, in the hope that we can all come together in the end, no matter what our opinions and views are.


Don’t look for any absolute truth, for there is no such thing. Let’s aim for objectivity, which will be a great starting point.

S1 / E2 - The Weakening of Religion and the Empty Space it created

Luis - The Divide of the World S1 E2Luis
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In today’s world, at least in most countries, religion is a choice that people make. Anyone can either believe in a higher power, or not, and their choice will be respected by others. It wasn’t always the case, as history tells us. Many people died in the name of religion, but also underneath it. All in all, we can safely say that religion has played one of the most important roles in the fate of mankind.

As citizens of developed countries started to move away from these spiritual movements, almost a half-century ago, it was to be predicted that there would be secondary effects felt throughout society. Some good, as we can imagine that there will be less war caused by it. And some bad, which is what we will now look at, more in depth.

Religion is Culture

Culture is what holds population together. Without a common culture, it is difficult for people to act as a group, in coherence. In such cases, individuality (which we will talk about in another episode) becomes the rule, as people grow to their full potential by becoming who they really are, instead of what society expects them to be. But that leads to chaos and misunderstanding between individuals. Those that manage countries (which is what politicians are doing nowadays), can only wish for a strong cultural bound to bind its people together.

Religion as always been one of the strongest ties between people. Partly because it manages a much longer part of our existence than just our days on earth: Eternity is what it rules. If men can have others believe that they need to act in a way that benefits the whole population, so that when they die they will be “saved,” it makes it much easier to direct their will and actions in this lifetime.

A Communality of Thought

The most important element of religion is indeed the fact that it brings people together, by providing them a communality of thought. When you learn the rules of your church at a young age, it acts on you as a diagram in which you position things you can or cannot do to others, and/or for yourself. This pattern will remain in you forever, even if you decide not to have faith in your religion anymore, at some point in your life.

The learning from religion is much more precise then the one you are thought in a moral class. The first defines beliefs, while the second observes potential ways of acting between each other. Where there is a choice, there is always divergence. And so, religion was keeping society stronger, because it didn’t offer one. You had to act as it was described inside the book of rules (Bible, Koran, etc.) or else face consequences in the after life.

Now that it has lost a lot of its strength, we can see that there are holes inside the moral cloud of our society. Whether we believe or not in one religion or another, we should all be able to see this as a simple fact, without judging it as good or bad. There are spaces left as voids, that our society hasn’t taken the time to fill. Instead, it left the job to the rest of the cultural elements that bind us together.

And, with the advent of the internet, on which many people spend a major part of their lives, our moral compass has found itself directed by the global values of the world. Or more precisely, by what we desire. And normally, that is something our neighbour owns and that we don’t. We now feel entitled to take it from him, since as Hobbes explained: In a state without laws, two people will fight to get whatever is available. In this case, we are talking about moral laws, not the one that governments establish. And the loss of these boundaries is clearly affecting our capacity to live united instead of divided.

A Church of Men, by Men and for Men?

If we have lost such an important stone in the basement of our lives, how can we replace it, so that we can, once again, strengthen the bound that unites us? Some people will certainly reply that all we need to do is to go back. After all, the best way to replace one thing is by more of the same. Others will say that it is not an issue and that we should not bother looking into solutions, since religion was a problem in the first place. I believe both would be misleading us, however.  

When sustained changes happen to society, it is usually because they were meant to be. And so, a return to religion would be hard to sell, as mentalities and knowledge have both taken huge steps forward. But to negate that religion was an important pillar to society, and to propose that we should just move on, without pausing to analyse the situation and trying to find solutions, could lead us to separate even more.

One potential solution, would be to define central values that we can celebrate, all together, the way people do in their place of worship. Ideals that will make us come together, and share our humanity, in the name of our race’s survival. That would also have the benefit of having people step outside their house, every once in a while, and meet with others instead of remaining isolated in front of their computer, where they create false hatred with others, leaving their capacity to balance ideas behind them.

Whatever the solution is, let us simply acknowledge that the loss of meaning of religion in our society, is definitely one of the reasons why we stand more divided than ever, today.

S1 / E3 - The Problem of Fake News and Absolute Truth

Luis - The Divide of the World S1 E3Luis
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We live in a world where information flows more or less freely. That means, any information that someone wants you to believe in, he can just place out there for you to discover, using any channel that he has access to. That causes an evident problem, especially when it comes to opinions. As I wrote in the initial blog, people will always have a different view on everything that happens, which does not mean that anyone is wrong, in their thinking. But if you start the information link by a fake news or by absolute truth, then it will never amount to anything good. Here is why the world is divided by these two phenomena.

Propaganda: The Other Name for Fake News and Absolute Truth

Some people believe that fake news were born with the advent of the internet. But, in truth, it always existed. We just had no means of verifying the information before, and so we took it for granted that it was the truth, or we simply chose not to believe it. We made an uninformed choice, because we had no other option. As for Absolute truth, it was always at the center of our societies; any of them. In times of war, it is what we call propaganda. But in other times, we refer to it as absolute truth. Let’s take the time to clearly define both modus operanda, before we analyze their impact on the divide of the world.

The line between Fake News and Absolute Truth is a Thin One

A few weeks back, Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder of Facebook, was asked to define how they chose to censor some posts. His answer was clear, yet completely vague. To censor a post, you always need to use a point of view. And to that point, he said: “People Should Decide What’s Credible, Not Tech Companies.” 

That is the real issue with fake news and absolute truth, which we have clearly discovered during the pandemic. Who decides what is a fake news or not? If you were against measures taken by the governments, you were immediately accused of spilling fake news. But what they were doing, was forcing people to believe in their absolute truth, which meant that you could not question their position and information, or else, you would be censored.

Again, it would be a big mistake to think that all fake news are so, or that the absolute truth is always true. There is only one way to fight these two, as a friend of mine wrote in a Facebook post, during the pandemic: READ, LEARN, INTEGRATE, and then POSITION YOURSELF. And do it again, and again, and again, and again. You go to the source to find the hard data, and you analyze it purely, without taking in account opinions that you have read and what other people say about it. If you don’t take the time to do this, then you are letting the rest of the world poison your brain with their ideas, whether they are fake news or absolute truth.

The Divide created by Fake News and Absolute Truth

Although I don’t want to enter the sphere of social media too much in depth, since I will devote an episode to it later on, it is hard to avoid the subject when it comes to fake news and absolute truth. It is fair to say that most of the fake news that we read can be found on social media, as it is the easiest way for anyone to express their point of view or to present information to the rest of the world. On the other hand, absolute truth is usually pressed upon people through channels such as news and information programs on TV, as well as news channels, in any other form.

The problem is that once you have made up your mind about a subject, whether it can be considered as true or not, you will then be inundated with similar info that you want to hear. Why? Because social media analyze every decision that you make in a day, through the words you write and websites you visit, and then they show you content and people that proclaim that the truth is exactly what you believed, in the first place. Through their algorithms, they create a bubble around you that will make you feel good about yourself and even more convinced in your ideas. Therefore, there will come a moment where you will be convinced that you own the truth since “everybody” thinks like you. But of course, that is certainly not true…

As for the more classical channels of information, that relays what people in power want you to hear, at some point you will either block it out, if you don’t believe in wat they are saying or simply watch it constantly to prove to yourself how right you are in your beliefs. Either way, it will just cut you off even more, from those that think differently than you. This divide has never been as strong, in any moment in history, simply because there wasn’t the internet, before. People would watch the news, and most would simply consider it to be true. Therefore, there were no fake news, but definitely absolute truth.

Mixing Fake News with Absolute Truth

The most dangerous weapon of all is when those in place of power decide to mix both. The point in case as can be seen currently in Russia. The State owns about fifty different information channels that are aimed directly at Russians. Their goal is to discredit what occidentals are doing, by negating the facts that are shown in their own information channel. In such cases, the leaders of Russia are creating fake news to use as absolute truth. Their clear goal is to divide societies and to make them hate each other. I understand that I am using a harsh word, but there can be no doubt that it is the objective. It makes it a lot easier, in times of war, to see the other side as your enemy, and when you meet them on the battlefield, kill them. Otherwise, those fighting the war would realize that we are all the same and that there never are any good reasons to attack and kill someone else. 

But be careful: That does not mean that anything you hear or read in the rest of the world is not affected by these two phenomena, as well. Therefore, you should always take the time to try to go at the root of the story (whenever possible), before you make up your mind. We need to tone down our opinions and to realize that there is no one that owns “the truth.” We also need to remember that various ideas and opinions are what make this world, a better place to live. And if you want others to respect your opinion, it is always a good thing to start by listening to theirs, first.

S1 / E4 - The World Wide Web: Unifying or Dividing?

Luis - The Divide of the World S1 E3Luis
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It is safe to say that ever since we have moved on to the 20s, life has not been kind to humans, worldwide. First, the pandemic arrived, like a giant wave, engulfing everything in its way. And now, the Ukraine/Russia war is disrupting the lives of billions again. However, these two events are enabling us to realize a few things about the state of the world today, including the influence of the internet in our lives. The final observation, at the end of this article, is certainly surprising.

Different Global Visions of the World according to Where We live

When I started writing “The Divide of the World,” we were slowly coming out of the pandemic. It would be more accurate to say that some parts of the world had decided to move on from the subject, while others were standing still. That, in itself, showed the great differences that exist between countries, their governments and their people. While most Anglo-Saxon countries were once again showing their attachment to liberty of choice of individuals, other countries who have known fascism, like Italy, were hard-bitten to let go of the rule of law, keeping its people under control. To illustrate furthermore, China still isn’t in rest today, as foreigners are now leaving Hong Kong, saying that it is basically like living in a prison (in your own house), and that it has been that way for too long, now. It wouldn’t be fair to put the blame only on those governing, though, as the people can force their hands as well. Culture is strong, as we have mentioned it before in this series, and it clearly showed in this case.

It is important to illustrate that fact first, before analysing the effect of the internet, on the unity or division between us all. Forgetting that cultural elements are still important to most individuals would lead to wrong observations, in the end. And although I am certainly not pretending to a full scientific study here, I still need to put the information in its context, if I don’t want to be misleading. It counts even more, simply because part of the world doesn’t consider themselves citizens of a particular country, anymore.

Those who had been traveling the world freely, before the arrival of the coronavirus, had long ago understood that we are one. Borders are only created to control those living inside them. But there is no logical explanation to the fact that one can live freely, while others are kept down. No good reason why one is born poor, while another is already wealthy at birth. Those that traveled extensively had the chance to understand that we are all only humans. One and the same. That knowledge has just translated into the subject of today’s blog: the World Wide Web.

The Pandemic vs The War

Had it not been for the war, we could have thought that the internet was a tool that mostly separated us, after going through two years of the pandemic. As the sickness gained ground, authorities turned to communicating their absolute truth, in order to keep people under control. They needed to find a way for their health system not to break down. After years of cuts, in almost every country in their health system, governments found themselves unable to cope with the number of people entering emergency rooms, and needing to be intubated.

Then, fake news invaded the internet, with ideas as frivolous as the fact that they had placed chips inside vaccines, to name but one of the incredible information that floated around. In the end, the fight between fake news and absolute truth on the internet took its toll and we ended-up separating the society into two groups: Those that believed that vaccination was necessary to survive and those that didn’t. We isolated the unvaccinated from the rest through vaccination passports, creating a real physical divide between people, according to their medical chart: Something everyone said could (should) never happen. Of course, there were many different views withing these two groups, but that is what happened globally.

This situation existed because not many people have time to actually look for the simple, untainted facts. They watch the news or read articles on the web, that pretend to state “the truth.” If we could have all simply looked at the real basic numbers, it probably wouldn’t have been so dividing. In comparison, the Spanish flu killed 50 million people out of a 1.8 billion population (numbers from the CDC), in two years. As of today (also in a period of two years), the coronavirus killed 6 070 849 out of a 7.7 billion population. In other words, the first pandemic killed 2.5% of the population, while the other killed 0.0008%.

In truth, you can find that information on a simple Google search, so it is a wonder why there aren’t more people are aware of that fact just yet. And if you don’t already know the lethality of the coronavirus, here are the numbers (data from CDC · OMS · ECDC):  468 133 052 have had the disease and 6 070 849 died from it (or should we say “with it,” to be more neutral). That equals to a death rate of exactly 0.01%. As you can read inside this article from USA Today: “The CDC reported that the annual mortality rate for the seasonal flu is about 0.01%.” In other words, exactly the same as the coronavirus. (Fact check: COVID-19 deadlier than 1918 Spanish flu, seasonal flu (

But the Ukraine/Russia war arrived, and everything changed. Suddenly, the whole world came together to condemn war, including a large part of the population of Russia (hard to define how many). This is not a small feat. And if it is so, it is mainly because everyone has come to see the world as one, thanks to the World Wide Web. It will be difficult for anyone (any government) to declare war on another sovereign country, now. Propaganda is strong, no doubt about it, but the internet is even stronger. People who traveled the world already knew that we were all alike, but what the response by the world is showing us today, that all the others, who made international “friends” through the virtual world, have also understood that. And they won’t tolerate that people are being killed, in the name of conquest, anymore. In a little more than two years, we have seen both sides of the internet: Its capacity to divide, but also to unite.

S1 / E5 - Individuality: How it changed Our Relation to Others

Luis - The Divide of the World S1 E5Luis
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How the notion of Individuality changed the Relation between One Another

It is only normal to love ourself first. If we don’t, we will never know how to love others. It is a phrase everyone has heard before, but very few really understand its meaning. It is accepted as the truth, as so many other sayings are. But it is much deeper than it seems. However, occidental societies may have taken this a step too far, making individuality superior to everything else. Can we combine, I, you and us? Of course, we can. That is, after all, the reality of The Triality. But for today, let’s take a closer look at how individuality is dividing us, today.

The Growth of Individuality was Predictable

Back in 2009, a close friend of mine wrote a book called: “Complete Freedom of Choice – The Self-Made-Man Generation.” At the time, “K” envisioned new generations grabbing hold of their destiny, by becoming more independent. They would go on breaking cultural beliefs, to become who they wanted to be, in disregard of the judgments of others. He could see them becoming masters of their time, which is all any of us really truly own, in this life. But as another important person in my life used to say: “Be careful what you wish for, as it just might come true.”

Now that I can look back on his writings, more than a decade later, what I see is a conflicting reality for the younger generations. For example, in wanting to master their time, they find themselves envisioning work as something that has to be meaningful. Otherwise, some of them would rather not be part of the workforce at all. There is no doubt about the nobility of the thought, but not everyone can do what they like full time, as necessity is a huge part of life. In other words, you need money to survive.

It would be easy to turn the statement above into saying that (a part of) the younger generations are lazy, but that would definitely be an unacceptable generalization. We are obligated to look at all the variants involved in the process, including the leadership of the parents, if we really want to understand the whole situation. So, how did we let individuality get in the way? Let’s observe the particulars.

There are No More Children: Only Princes and Princesses

Parents have done too much for their kids. This movement started in the 1980s and made children unfit to face life. At home, parents (mostly mothers) would handle all the work around the house. Kids were removed from doing their part of the choirs. No cleaning (or a low minimum), no washing the dishes, taking out the trash… In fact, if you were a parent that would ask such things of your children, you were almost looked at as abusing them. This phenomenon is just getting worst now. Kids are supposed to enjoy their youth freely, without a care. But what happens to them, when they leave the house? They are unprepared to face the world. And the fact that they are convinced that they should be placed on a pedestal, only makes it even harder, in their personal relationship, but also in front of daily life as well. It is a dividing factor, simply because we all believe we are kings and queens in the making. But the thing with royalty is there can only be one…

A Crater separates the Fulfilled from the Needing

A small percentage of individuals, who were kids back in the 1980s, did manage to follow their individuality completely and fulfilled their personality entirely. At the opposite of what could be imagined, they became more sensitive to others, and they comprehend better how similar we all are. But those that had to join the ranks of the working class, spending their time creating monetary value for others to live, while they can barely survive, see life with a different eye. When you place yourself first and climb as high as you can on your own path, you tend to fend off common values. Absolute truth will never find an entrance door in the life of these persons. At the opposite, to go on, the working class needs to be able to have a full belief in the rules of society, or else, most would be looking at an early exit out of the race. To bring these two groups together is almost impossible. In normal times, they don’t really have to cross paths. But the pandemic changed that, and saw the two clans clash often, in regards to how we should be dealing with the issue. That is another case of individuality creating havoc in our society, and dividing us, furthermore.

Freedom of Choice is Not for One but for All

The concept of individuality is based on the capacity to possess our own complete freedom of choice. This value is highly celebrated inside the Triality World, as one of its core. However, it can not stand alone. Otherwise, everyone will do whatever they please and step on others’ capacity to decide by themselves. That is when the concept of liberty comes into play. Liberty is not about doing whatever one wants, indiscriminately. It needs to be placed in the context of society, to create a balance. In other words, you can do whatever you believe is right in life, as long as that doesn’t affect the capacity of the other to choose his or her own path. But it is rarely the case. And that causes a great divide between each other.

We have reached the middle of the road, with this fifth episode. I will be off next week, so expect a new chapter of The Divide of the World on April 10.

S1 / E6 - Respect: The One Value on which You can build a World

Luis - The Divide of the World - S1 E6Luis
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How About a Little Respect between Each Other?

We know too much about each other, and yet… not enough. That has become an important issue in the divide of the world, that has been exacerbated throughout the last two years. Families have been thorned apart, as basic truths came out, that no one expected. At the same time, we now believe that we know strangers, simply because of what they write on their social media. If this keeps up, we are heading towards a major civil war, so maybe we should all learn to listen.

Beliefs: No More Space for Compromises

Compromising is a beautiful theory. However, it rarely works in the long term. We have based our society on that capacity, believing it was turning us into more tolerant individuals. In truth, it only aggravated everyone. There are no perfect worlds, as we have explained before. However, there are better fits than others. In a couple, the theory that it is better to compliment each other than to be similar, is understandable. It will make both parties more apt to navigate the complex world in which we live in. However, at the end of the day, these couples won’t last. Why? Because they will have to compromise all the time, making both individuals miserable.

That is what happened to occidental societies (in particular). We have learned to compromise between each other, and at the end of the day, no one is really truly happy about the end result. Except the ultra-rich who can basically do whatever they want, whenever they feel like it. I have no doubt that they deserve it, but so do the rest of the world. However, that is a different subject. The real question now is: Is there a way for societies to be like couples who share the same vision of life? My answer is: Why not? We were getting there before the pandemic arrived. People who traveled a lot were able to find groups of individuals, around the world, similar to them. They created a community that saw itself shot down in flames, when they closed the borders of countries.

However, the whole sanitary crisis may have been beneficial to these people, to some extent. Now that individuals came out showing their true colours, maybe we can start wondering how we can redefine the world in a different way than only based on the physical land, that we live on. We saw families thorn apart by individual positions on the COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine obligation. We saw generations having to compromise, in order for other generations to survive. We found out that fake news is no better than absolute truth, which still reigns supreme in our society, though, thanks to the media.

And all this has been aggravated by the war and the additional fake news and the stronger media hold that we (around the world) are facing. Maybe, it is time for similar people to get together and form their own alliance. Maybe it is time to rearrange how we depend upon one another, by choosing our own world. Maybe, it is time for a new world order, that was never envisioned before. Not one where we change those who control the power, but simply by reorganizing ourselves in other ways than through country governments.

Seeing the Other One Clearly for Who They are, and respecting Them

Before we can begin to imagine a new restructuration of the way we all manage our lives, we will have to understand each other better, though. If you think that reading a few lines from a social media account will enable you to understand a person fully, I am sorry to say that you are wrong. That is one of the main issues that divides us all, today. Everybody believes that they know others, simply because they read a few lines from them, on a given subject. That is pretty shallow, don’t you think? But since we all believe we know better, we don’t go looking for more, from our brothers and sisters. We judge them, as coldly as those sitting in front of the Court, believing, like them, that for some ungodly reason we hold the truth in our hands.

Actions are taken for reasons. Words are written because of values that were given to us along the way. For the luckiest of us, we built our own world of values and beliefs. But even then, they are still our own, and do not affect or change in any way the ones of others. And so, respect becomes the main value that we need to refocus on, for all our sake. It is the only one that can enable us to become more tolerant with others, while still being true to ourself. If you want people to accept you, then accept them as they are – not as whom you would like them to be. This is the hardest part for us all and the most important one.

It is almost impossible to do so, in our society. Why? Because we elect governments that have to represent all of us, which they clearly cannot do. So why are we continuing to pretend that this is a good thing? Because democracy is the best thing that we have found yet? Should we stop searching for new ways to help cure people? Should we stop inventing new technologies? So why, then, should we just accept democracy as the best way to manage the world? It is time for people to be attached to a society that they believe in, no matter what that is. But most importantly: No matter where they were born. It is time for people to be given the choice of which world they want to live in. That is, in part, why the Triality World is coming to life, now. So that everyone has a choice.

S1 / E7- When Realities collide

Luis S1 E7 - The Divide of the WorldLuis
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Living in Different Realities

It would seem as if some people have chosen to lose touch with reality. Maybe they were just looking for a better world to live in - which is certainly comprehensible considering the state of our world today - but they chose to do so by trying to erase the past and change the physical laws of nature, so they could get to their nirvana. We can certainly say that this is a complicating factor when it comes to uniting our world, as realities collide.

This subject is probably the most complex one to tackle, when it comes to the divide of the world. First, because it creates a lot of different emotions when we talk about it, on both sides of the fence, and secondly because it is quite hard to understand and to explain why and how we got here. Those that oppose these new movements, often do it at an extreme cost. It may explain, at least in part, why so many important institutions are letting them gain ground. Afraid of reprisal, they would rather stay silent, or even join their rank. But a dialogue needs to be open on the subject, if we ever want to live together again, as best as we can. And so, I am initiating it, hoping that it won’t become a ticking bomb for us all.

First, let me start by repeating what I have been saying all along: There is nothing wrong with living the way we choose – no matter what that is. However, it also goes with the balance of liberty, which is: As long as it doesn’t interfere with the freedom of choice of others. That is where the problem lies today. These new movements aim to tell everyone else how they should live, and ask them to rethink their reality. That is simply unconceivable and unacceptable.

The second thing that I want to bring under the spotlight is “history.” You cannot judge the past. You can make a better world today or prepare one for tomorrow, but the past will remain what it is. To try to modify it, simply because it doesn’t fit your view, is not only problematic, but also dangerous. That’s because, it is that past that permits us to understand the mistakes of those who came before us, so we can try to do better.

Inside the Triality World, we suggest that the mythology of our world is different than the one this world has. The reality is that nobody knows what the truth is about the far past of our world. But most importantly, our world is based on fiction characters. Just like any book, movie or play, we created their world. That is not the case with reality…

A Common Base for Us to All Live Together

The real problem that currently exists, with the various teaching of movements going on, is that it wants to redefine reality. Not only culturally, but as if things were different than they really are. For example, the notion of gender only exists to determine a fact. It is not meant to define your sexuality or how you feel about who you are. These are entirely different things, that should not be confused. The first is to understand your physiology and to be able to recognize you, physically, according to your sex. The second is a choice. If you want to be a man, a woman, a “x” or a “y” or anything else, feel free to be. If you prefer to have sexual relations with someone of the same sex, in a group, or only by yourself, that is entirely your choice. But the notion of gender has nothing to do with that.

It is also a simple fact of life that you need a man and a woman to create babies, and therefore to continue the growth of our species. It is scientifical, not moral, or cultural. Whether it happens because a man deposited his sperms inside a woman, or it takes place inside a lab, you still need both parts of the equation to get to the final results. If we can’t agree on simple natural laws, such as this very important one, I am afraid that we are doomed, as a race.

Culture is meant to be broken and redefined

On the other side, ultra-conservative people believe that society is meant to function in one given way. This is completely wrong for one very good reason: If you do not visit the outer limits, outside of your cultural background, you will never know who you really are. But mostly, you will never be able to understand others. Which means that you will always be part of the problem of the divide of the world. People who are afraid of strangers and of immigrants simply do not comprehend that they are exactly like them, no matter where they are from. Only culture separates us, and less and less so, thanks to the World Wide Web.

I’ve written this a hundred times before: Culture is meant to be cleaned from an individual, so that he or she can truly become what they want to be. To refuse that other people have a different way of life than ours, is to accept that they have their say in our own. That to me is unacceptable. My motto has been the same for a long time now: Nobody’s going to tell me how to live. But I will do the same for others. I will respect the way that they choose to live, no matter what it may be. Again: As long as they respect others around them.

That is precisely the subject of this article. These new movements are not only asking others to respect their choices, but they want to force them to accept that their way of doing things is “the right one.” Even when the reality of it is not correct (in a purely scientific way). They want to erase the past and replace it with their vision of the world. But the only thing that will happen is that they will repeat the same mistakes that the human race has been making throughout its history, all over again. If you refuse to see the truth, then you are also refusing to learn. And if you don’t learn, you remain ignorant, which leads, once again, to a greater divide of the world.

S1 / E8 - A Lack of Vision

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Lack of Vision

How far are we from the height of the Greek civilization? A million miles away. And that is definitely a problem. At least in terms of what we have been talking about in this blog series: The divide of the world. That is because we went from having philosophers, at the heart of our leadership, to managers. It was never as apparent as during the pandemic, when governments around the world went on managing their people and their economy, making decisions without ever thinking of the long-term effects it would have on their society. And here we are…

Governments are splitting their society

From the first lockdown, it was easy for thinkers to foresee that some governments would become complacent with their authority. Control is always on the mind of those in power. After all, it is their job to do so. But the problem with power is that once you have it, you want more. And when an opportunity to control shows up, like it did after the Twin Towers were hit, and now with the sanitary crisis, governments jump on the chance to add to their capacity of controlling individuals. And how do you do that? By controlling their movements. It takes only a step to reduce people’s liberty, and some (most) governments went right ahead, doing something it was said could never happen: They turned personal health information into public one, using it to provide liberty to some and remove it form others.

This was impossible, when the pandemic arrived. If you go back and listen to French President Emanuel Macron, for example, saying that a passport based on health status, separating the French people would never be acceptable, you would definitely wonder, when and why he changed his mind. And since we are talking about him, let’s move all the way to the near-end of the crisis to discover what he had to say about some of his citizens: “les non-vaccinés, je vais tout faire pour les emmerder”. Translated that means: I will do all I can to piss off all unvaccinated people. Now that we are finally getting out of this, and that we are all seeing things with a little bit more of a distance, we can finally realize the full strength of such words. The hatred of a president towards his own people. How much weight do you think it has on the Divide of France? Even though he came into power again, it won’t change the fact that the French society is split in two, today. It probably won’t accept to be governed in such a way for much longer.

Thinkers saw it coming

The fact is, many people saw the problems that would come from the divisive position that governments took, when passing such laws that would separate society in two. The Green Pass, health passport and every other name it had during the time it was in place, accentuated the divide of the world in a profound way. Things that were said by some public individuals will never be fully erased from the memories of those who were excluded, because they refused to be vaccinated. There is no point in trying to justify positions on one side or the other, as it would probably take a full book and we are not yet sufficiently far away from the crisis to make a full scientific analysis of the facts. But let’s just say that at least a third of the world did not want to be part of this experiment and in the end, many of those were forced into it.

But sadly, this was just one of the destructive part of the government’s decisions. When they decided to stop the world, they made a lot of damage in the workforce. To believe that their compensation plan saved everyone would be naïve, at best. If you look at the statistics provided by the CDC, ECDC and the WHO, 0.012% of the people who got COVID-19 died from it. It compares exactly to how many people die of the yearly flu, according to the CDC numbers. If we look at how many people were crushed by the financial weight caused by lockdowns, the depressions that it caused to others who found themselves completely alone for weeks at a time, the individuals who had to look at themselves in the mirror and re-evaluate their life as they found no meaning to it without going to work everyday, the percentage of those people that are still alive but dead inside, would surely be much higher, then the one who have left us.

And if specialists say that it was impossible to do otherwise, you don’t have to look very far to know that they are wrong. Sweden never went into lockdown periods, and they didn’t fare worse than other countries that did. Except, their citizens today are much saner, mentally, than the ones from countries were they chose the other solution.

We need a world filled with visionary leaders. Ones that will be able to reunite us. We will never think the same way about all aspects of life. But it has always been that way, and we fared better a few years ago. But it has become clear that a revision of the world is in order. We need to have leaders that don’t only count dollars, to cut hospital beds that forces us to stay home and become mentally unstable. No, we need individuals that are able to foresee the future that their decisions will create. We need a change, and we need it now. Before their lack of vision simply destroys us all.

S1 / E9 - The Desire to divide

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The Desire to divide

We live in strange days. There are factions of society that aim to dictate others on which culture needs to be adopted by all. They consider their values to be worth more than those that disagree with them. They will go to any length they need to, in order to destroy the unbelievers. Their will has been so powerful over the last few years that many important institutions believed that they had to get in line. But some are now paying the price, like Netflix, who have decided to review their guidelines, before it was too late. Here is more on those that don’t believe like we do, inside the Triality World, in the complete freedom of choice.

When Anger rules, nothing gets accomplished in the End

We live in times of anger and fear. The First sentiment is mostly created by the second one. We fear the other, because he is different than us. We fear because our leaders take our liberties away, whenever they want. We fear because we did not remember what was war, and to a deeper extent, what is life. We fear the natural cycle, and death that comes in the end, as if we were meant to live forever. We fear that if we don’t shout, we will not be heard.

However, the anger it creates has risen to a level that is sick. It has turned some people into the ultimate police of cultural values. And if you disagree with what they believe, they will stop at nothing until they get rid of you. They are the purer than pure. But it isn’t the first time we have seen them in the history of humanity. Usually, they come under the disguise of religion or politics. But now, they put on the mask of culture and science to annihilate the “unpure” ones.

They are so afraid of everything that they’d rather get rid of anything that could cause them harm, before it even does so. They are the army that wants to rewrite the history of this world, as if the real one never happened. It is the only way they will sleep well at night. No, they aren’t any different than those that went on a witch hunt, or those that killed in the name God throughout history, torturing people so that they would admit how unpure they were, as they did during the inquisition, as a good example. Now they just destroy people’s reputation online, and menace them physically, if they are unwilling to “disappear” form the spotlight or even from their job. As if getting rid of one person, would suddenly make their beliefs stronger. It is the opposite, as we always see in the end. People who want to impose their will, usually die. This is how tragic trying to control others can be. Revolt will always come.

The Weakening of Occidental Societies

The war has shown that we believe, in occidental societies, and naïvely so, that we can prevent all wars and that they won’t ever happen again. But even though there are times of peace, history shows that war always ends-up rearing its ugly head, again, at some point. We were so protected by years of tranquility, turning a blind eye when the war wasn’t about “us,” that we became immune to bad turns of events. Now that Putin has decided it was time to shake things up, we find ourselves outraged (as we should be), at his decision. However, we are not necessarily prepared to go to war ourselves.

It shows in the decision of our leaders, once again. They are willing to give ammunitions and all the tools needed to fight the war to the Ukrainian, but at the same time, they still buy Russia’s gas and other forms of energy. Once more, they manage their countries with absolutely no vision whatsoever, believing that to handle the current problem in the best way possible, for now, will not catch up to them in the future. They were wrong with the pandemic, as all the lockdowns have reduced the availability of products and food on the market today (which they now solely blame on the war), and history will find itself wandering “what the hell they were thinking about and playing at” by financing a war and expecting that they could continue dealing with their opponent on “business deals” as if everything was absolutely normal.

Russia invaded Ukraine after our show of weakness, when they took Crimea, first. He is now surprised that we did take some measures, but he will probably up the ante, believing that we won’t want to start the third world war. What will happen then? Who knows. But one thing is certain, we need to be mentally prepared for anything. Otherwise, this could be the end of us. Russia has powerful friends, still. Giants, indeed. Governments that are not afraid to divide society to get to their goals, as well.  

S1 / E10 - The Conclusion

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The Conclusion of The Divide of the World

As I write these final words on the divide of the world, the war is still raging in Ukraine. In fact, it has gained strength, as Russia intends to take the parts of the country that it wants, no matter what the cost may be. However, the coverage on the news went from 80% to 20% of the programming time. Life goes on… And so does the divide of the world. It is time to recap and to look ahead, at what we can do to recreate some unity in the world.

Can we recreate the World?

The goal of this series was never to fall into utopia. This said, it wasn’t meant to just take a simple look a the situation either, to bring everybody down and then say: “Oh, well! What a pity right? Sorry that you now have to live in such a world… Goodbye!” 

So how can we really try to stop the divide of the world? To believe that we can change this world, would be foolish. Just like Rome, it wasn’t built in a day. And so, to try and create profound modifications to it, is simply unfeasible, at least in terms of doing it under one generation. But this shouldn’t stop us from wanting a better world. It shouldn’t deter us to find new ways of doing things, so that we can live better, all together. Where do we start? By reminding ourselves that We are the People. But not of a country – of earth. 

Why is it so important? Because today’s minority cannot be considered as such anymore. Two to three billion people believing in something different than the main cultural current, cannot be shut down, simply on the principle of democracy. There are different ways of seeing life, and the people that share them can be regrouped in a small number of units. People should be able to choose in which society they want to live in, no matter if they are born in Canada, Italy or China. In today’s world that is impossible. The leading powers of the world will never let the people decide their own faith. They will pretend that they are protecting them, that people outside their borders are “different.” But that doesn’t make any sense. And it is definitely time to stop them, now that we have the numbers. 

But let’s be clear: There is no stopping the world. Governments did try during the coronavirus crisis, and by doing so, they killed a lot of innocent people by depriving them of their job, or by isolating them in their home, facing their fears and anxiety, alone. Today, we are lacking goods, and that is not (only) due to the war. It all started with the lockdowns. So let’s not repeat the same mistakes. As we have said in one of the episodes: We should not try to change the past, but learn from it. So if we can’t stop the world, and we can’t change it, then what can we do? Simple: Build a parallel one. That is what we are doing, right now, and it is called “The Triality World.”

What is the Triality World?

The Triality World is based on fiction characters. If you want to have a world, you need people to live in it first. If it is inviting and people find themselves believing in it, then they will join. This world is based on three important values. The first and most important one is: Complete Freedom of Choice. Inside this world, people are not told what they should think or how to live their lives. In other words, if you don’t want to respect others’ opinions and views of the world, then stay out. Because having your own personality, ideas and visions, starts by respecting all of these, in others. 

The second value is unity. The name of the world is based on the idea that two people uniting completely, will create a third presence, independent of themselves and greater, which is what we call The Triality. That presence will then create a better world for all those around them. 

Finally, the third value is Growth. All individuals should have the capacity to grow to their aspirations, no matter who they are or where they come from. 

The Triality World is not based on restrictions. It is based on respect. No one can judge someone else truly, as they have not lived their lives. We are all different in some ways, because of our experiences, the culture we were raised on, and the beliefs that we have built along the way. None are better than the others. All should be respected. It brings us back to our first value: Complete freedom of choice. If you can’t accept that others have it, then the Triality World is not for you. For complete freedom of choice to exist inside a universe, it has to start with you respecting others.

It is a completely different way to see life than in our current world. One much more complex, since the rules are basic – definitely paradoxical, but true. But the reality is, the moment you create laws, you need more laws to rule the existing ones and it never stops afterwards. In the divide of the world series, we’ve come to realize that humans have long forgotten what they are. Their arrogance has made them believe that they know better than nature. To grow to the best that we can be, in humility, is noble and should be desired, as we try to make ourselves better. To believe that we know better, and to negate the laws of nature, is simply arrogant and will lead to discord between everyone. 

Where do we go from Here?

In my next series, called “Introduction to the Parallel World,” I will look at how we can build it, grow it and make it one that doesn’t constraint people, but let them achieve what they want, while respecting others. I will describe how simplicity breeds growth and empowerment for all, when everyone accepts its own responsibilities. I will explain why the Parallel World is a chance for those that want to lead a better life, to be able to do so. All the while providing a haven from those who would rather see everyone being ruled and punished from trying to be themselves. As you will see, things are not so clear in regards to who are really trying to free themselves and those that are just trying to create their own brand of laws. Indeed, some use their pretend weaknesses, to terrorize others. Something that won’t be accepted inside the Parallel World.

Everybody can have their opinion. In fact, that is the objective of this new world. However, no one has power over the other’s views and decisions. The differences between each person in this universe will be strong, if not stronger than in our current world. And that will be the beauty of it. Everyone will be able to join the fiction characters at the core of its creation, so that they can also say that they are “Ordinary People, leading Extraordinary Lives.”

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