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The Beauty of Fire and Ice

You may wonder why I stayed around a burning ball of fire for so long, but that is just because you have a very different notion of time than I do. I am eternal (well, in theory at least). For me, watching one spark of flame moving away from the core, and looking at it as it slowly disappears, is fascinating. To you this moment that lasted less than a second would probably only surprise and scare you, worried that you could have come in contact with such pure heat and ignoring the beauty of the moment.

But you see, the fact that I have all the time in the world, doesn’t make things go faster. It actually slows it down, enabling me to discern the most precise details, in each of them. I can tell you, after such a long time of sharing my life inside human beings, that your specie gets bored at the sight of anything, and rapidly so. Even the greatest beauty will only illuminate your mind for the first time that you are faced with it. Never again will you be in awe of it. What a shame…

Your problem is that you take everything for granted. And what happens? One day, it isn’t there anymore. One day: You are dead and gone. But you pretend it will never come to pass,  knowing only full well that it will. Hiding from the truth: That is one of men’s favourite game. It was so for Luis as well. He knew this was going to end-up badly. Yet, instead of looking for solutions, he pressed down harder on the gas pedal and waited for the wall to arrive – which it did. Sending all four of us into a temporary death state, which, as we now know, one of us did not get back from: My Maiden. But I digress again…

There is something very sensual about melting lava. Back then, I knew nothing about that particular sensation, but something inside me reacted to it, nonetheless. It made me want to stay close.

I remember how different I was. Now, I possess more or less the same capacities, in terms of senses, as my host does, which is limited to say the least. But it also turns each sensation into an intense moment. In my first essence, I could capture much more, but to a level that was tolerable, which made it paler in comparison. It seems as if the form of a Being is prepared to face so many elements at once. It kind of analyzes and slots everything into its right place, inside us. We are analytical, instead of being instinctive. Which sometimes made me wonder what would have happened to me, if I had stayed as I was born. Maybe I would have turned into the same as the others. After all, you can’t fight nature (another thing that some humans don’t seem to understand these days). You are what you are. And the more that you accept it, the greater the things that you can accomplish. Oh! I was not such a philosopher back then. It is my human nature that changed me this way.

In regards to the earth recreating itself through burst of fire, like a lizard taking in the sun, I was letting earth project its heat on me, and let it infuse me with the knowledge of what it meant to her. It was speaking to me, and I listened… for millions of years. I did the same, once again, much later on. The ice age was quite different though. It felt as if the earth was backing away from the rest of the Universe, even from what it had created on its own surface. As if she believed that she had made too many mistakes, and needed to start all over again. And maybe it was so, but I never saw what she considered as mistakes, quite the same way that she did. Maybe she also had her own programme inside, informing her on what could work and what would not.

I slept a lot during that time. Not as I do now, when I enter into the void, in between lives on earth. It was more as if I had to spend time on pause, in order to let all the information I had accumulated throughout millions of years, settle in to their right places.

I know that the next volcano era, and the new ice age, are not so far away. I can see the symptoms here and there. This world will be shaken in a short while, and humans will most probably  be decimated to a few, if any do survive.

But I believe that some of them will be gone by then. Headed into the Universe to try to discover a new place to live. Not so much different than me, when I left the Beings behind, and settled in, here, on earth. And I will probably accompany them in their new quest. That is, if I don’t simply die as my Maiden did, after this lifetime.


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