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Season 2 - Chapter 1.1
Responsibility for One’s Self

This is where the new world needs to start. Governments all over the world have infantilized their population. They have done so by writing laws over laws, telling them what they cannot do, removing in large part (if not entirely) their freedom of choice, by doing so. They have also created victims instead of responsible adults. When you are a child, you point the fingers at others for everything you do wrong. But when you reach a certain age, you should be able to account for your actions. Not in front of a court of law, but in front of yourself. So, what does it mean to be responsible for one’s self? Here is the premise that we need to work upon.

What does it mean to be Responsible for One’s Self?

We make decisions. That is what it means to live. We interact with others, and we choose to share parts of our lives with some, while avoiding others. Whichever decisions we make, we need to be accountable for them, in front our self. If you enter into the car of a stranger willingly and something goes wrong, you only have yourself to blame. If someone stops his van, grabs you by force and puts you in the back of his truck, that is a crime. I am illustrating the point very harshly in this example, for it is meant to show that decisions should not be made lightly. Neither should personal decisions be entered into the public domain, which has been done for so long, now. And look at where it has brought us: At cases like Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard.

Responsibility towards one self, means that you make decisions, and you live with the consequences. You don’t go crying to the State every time you feel someone has done you wrong. The victimization process has taken a major role in our society, to the point where some people idolize individuals making foolish decisions, and hate whoever takes control of their own lives. This type of society can only lead to weakness and decay. We see it daily in the news and on social media. I will now use the example of Simone Biles, a US gymnast, to show my point.

Simone Biles went to the Tokyo Olympic Games, in 2022, where she was supposed to be one of the stars of the edition. After suffering (emotionally) through her first contest, she simply decided to drop out of the team, only to finally take part in the last competition (the beam). By doing so, she took someone else’s opportunity to become the best at her sport. No matter how many medals she had won before, it did not give her the right to victimize herself. You don’t go to the Olympics if you don’t want to take part in the action; you leave the opportunity to someone else. Still, instead of being told that she was childish and that she hurt the chances of the team, she was designated as someone to be followed by a large part of the population, because (they said) she listened to her emotions. This attitude is completely irresponsible and should be condemned, as it affects other people’s freedom of choice.

As I will demonstrate throughout the presentation of the new parallel world, everything goes back to freedom of choice. Our own, but also everyone else’s. If one wants others to respect his freedom of choice, he must do so for others, first. There is no such thing as freedom of choice, without taking in account the other person’s. If you don’t do so, that is when it becomes a crime. Not because it is written in a book of law, simply because that is what it means to live all together, in a society.


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