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Once you have known the power of the Triality, it is hard to accept anything less than the perfect unity of mind, body and soul. Unity between individuals is what makes us better. It is when we forget ourselves to the benefit of others that we are at our best.

The Triality World is not a perfect world. There could never be such a thing. We need black and white, in order to create all the shades that render our life so interesting. What you will find in this world, though, is "ordinary people leading extraordinary lives." Individuals that fully exercise their right to complete freedom of choice, that are not afraid to do the day-to-day work that enables them to grow to their full expectation, and that unite with others to create beauty.

Welcome to the inner depth of my mind

Past Seasons 


S1 / E1 - Writing about division, in the hope of raising unity

Luis - The Divide of the World S1 E1Luis
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The numerous divisions we have created in this world affect all of the principles I live by, in one way or another: My freedom of choice, my capacity to grow to whatever I expect to become, and first and foremost, the possibility to achieve a higher level of consciousness and existence, through unity with (an)other, which I call “The Triality.” 

There is but one reason why we have arrived at this point: We have come to forget to respect others' positions. For various reasons, which I will identify through this new blog/podcast in the weeks to come, each of us has been led to believe that we own “the truth,” and that (to a certain extent) others spill lies. An analysis of the social conflict we are going through, shows that there are many external elements that brought us to this point. But no matter why, it is safe to say that many, today, feel 100 percent convinced that those that think differently than them are simply wrong. 

Life is a lot more complex than just being right or wrong. Two people seeing the same event can have completely different opinions on what really happened. Is there one that is more true, right or just than the other? No. However, since our world is based on a judicial system, it turns the answer into a “yes,” when it comes to legal repercussions. But on a human level, it is totally normal that events are seen differently, through the eyes of the beholder. That is what experience does. According to what we have lived, we will integrate information differently, inside our brain.

In communication classes, when they teach you how to debate, the teacher provides you with a subject that he or she chose, and determines which side you will be arguing for. If you think there are limits to what you can debate, and believe that some things are undefendable, then you are already putting yourself in a divisive position with others. And that makes it difficult to start a conversation with someone. Although it is not easy to keep an open mind about all things, the power it provides, once you manage to do so, is extremely important in our social life, but also simply for our growth. It also removes the weight of the world off our shoulders. Why? Because we don’t feel aggravated or overjoyed anymore, by words, images, or actions. We just understand why they exist and we benefit from a newly opened window in our mind. 

Open-mindedness doesn’t ask of you to believe in something that you don’t; just to comprehend that others around you may think differently, and that they can have very good reasons backing their choices to do so; just like you. It brings you to a higher level, as it lets you entertain the world through all its facets; instead of just through the ones you were provided with, during your school years, in your parents' teaching and your personal experience. In fact, the only way to be free and fully become who we really are, is to break the cultural barriers, because they refrain us from seeing what we really want, what we really feel and who we really are. 

We are now embarking on a ride, where we will  try to discover the core of the problem and its various roots, so we can all be a little more at peace with each other. Instead of pointing the finger, we’ll discover what influenced us through the last decades, that made us adopt such a black and white view of the world, until we get to understand the divide and finally break it down. 

It will be even harder now that war has broken out in Ukraine. Nothing is as divisive as war, thanks to propaganda, and there is no greater hate than the one you will find on a battleground. But it makes it much more important to look at the subject, in the hope that we can all come together in the end, no matter what our opinions and views are.


Don’t look for any absolute truth, for there is no such thing. Let’s aim for objectivity, which will be a great starting point.

Current Season


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S2 / E1 - We can’t change the world… BUT we can build a new one

Luis - Introduction to the Parallel World - S2 E1Luis
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A few years back, I wouldn’t have known how to justify creating a new world. But in less than three full years, we went from barely seeing the cracks, to a world literally crumbling apart. Although the COVID-19 crisis and the war in Ukraine are ultimately what made it fall apart so fast, they are just the last nails on the coffin, that was awaiting to be completed. And although the body has not yet entered into it, we can clearly see that this world is dying. In “The Divide of the World” series, I explain how we got there. In this new one, I will describe how we can create a better world, by going into details on what is needed and how it should work. Let’s start now.

Recapping the Main Values of the New World

Complete Freedom of Choice

To believe that citizens of any country are free to choose their lives today, whether they live in the Occident or not, is a mistake. We are being told what to think and do, every step of the way. In the Western world, they lure you with the belief that you are free because you can decide your work and you can have kids. I am simplifying to the extreme, but it basically comes to that, in the end. If you look at the number of laws that exist, you will come to the conclusion that you are free to do anything, as long as you do precisely what you are told – and only that.

In the rest of the world, many of the systems don’t even bother to pretend that you are free. You simply have to do what they tell you, or else skip “Go” and head to jail. Or worse, they will simply make you disappear. No matter where we live, we cannot decide what is good or bad for ourselves. We have to follow an established pattern or the power that be, will do everything to destroy us. But that doesn’t mean that they are right. In fact, if you stop for just one second and look at decisions that governments have made over the last three years, you will come to the conclusion that almost anyone could have done better. They have destroyed their own creation, while blaming everyone else but themselves, for all the mistakes that they have made along the way.

In any case, there are only but a few individuals, at the top of the food chain, that create the rules that you have to live under. And if it displeases you, well, there is nothing you can do about it. This can change, though. In fact, with a world so divided as the one that we have today, it simply has to change. There is no reason why billions of people should be governed by men and women that they don’t believe in. Yes, billions! That is how many people today represent the minority. One that will not be held silent for much longer, I happen to think, if we don’t find solutions that will enable it to live as they want to; governed by laws and power that they can believe in. Democracy as we know it as reached its limits, in view of the gigantic number of people that don’t agree with the majority. And so, we must find a new way to all live together. One that will be based on that very first rule: Everyone should have complete freedom of choice in the decisions that affect their lives, while being responsible in front of others.

Everyone needs to be given a Chance to achieve Themselves

It has long been said that in America you can become whoever you want to be. But how far away from the truth is that? Americans have not invented propaganda, but they have been damn good at it, throughout its existence. The truth is hard to hide, though. How can a person born to poor uneducated people, raised by the power of fists, and thought to hate the system, possess equal chances to the one that is born in a rich family, who is provided with higher education in an exclusive private school, and will never lack a thing in his own life? It can’t. But there are ways to provide equality of opportunities to all, as we will learn in the next episodes, including taking lessons from the Romans, who raised their sons all together, away from their parents, for years during childhood.

One World United

This is certainly the most difficult objective of the parallel world. How can you create one world, with world leaders that will fight till death to keep their control over its people? But until we get there, no one will ever be really free or will have the best opportunities. Why? Because as long as one of us is a slave to power, wherever that may be, we will not have won the fight of humanity.

I am not saying that some countries are right while others are wrong. I am saying they are all wrong. Too many laws have been created, since the advent of mankind. The accumulation has made us become ants, to whom the power to think has been removed. If you are treated unfairly, you still have to shut up and pay the price.

Governments have forced their culture onto individuals, until they became convinced that what they were thinking came from their own mind. But that is not the truth. Until an individual breaks out from his cultural background, he can never know what he really thinks about anything at all. He does not know what he wants or even what he believes is right or wrong. That is how strong culture is. We are seeing it clearly these days, in the West, as the so-called elite is trying to shut down oppression of marginal people of society by oppressing the rest of it. Feeding us their cultural beliefs in every which way they can, so that we agree to accept the world as they believe it should be. How sad when it is those that want their freedom of choice to be recognized, that start oppressing. But this is exactly what is happening now. This is the power of culture, as created by the ruling class. However, it just won’t work anymore.

To conclude, I will now repeat the words I wrote at the end of “The Divide of the World” series:

…Inside the new Parallel World… everybody can have their opinion. In fact, that is the objective of this new world. However, no one has power over the other’s views and decisions. The differences between each person in this (new) universe will be strong, if not stronger than in our current world. And that will be the beauty of it.

Next week, I will start to lay down, in words, the foundations of this new society that we will build together, to bring freedom of choice forever to one and all.