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Beauty is Everywhere

If there is one thing that I learned, watching the earth evolve, before you were born, is that there is so much beauty, everywhere. It is still true today, although in a lesser quantity. Because the real beauty is found in nature, which tends to disappear more and more, since human race took over as the main specie, on this planet.

It is life in itself that is most wonderful. At every step of existence, everything evolves. Not for better or worse: only onto what it is meant to become. To not accept this inevitability is to be disappointed at one point or another. For no matter how you try to modify your own life or the one that is around you, it will always end-up getting back to what it originally was, in the end. For natural evolution does not mean changes: it means continuity in growth.

You may build a dam to stop the water from running, and use its power to create energy. But the moment you will be gone, the river will take back its previous course or whichever is best to make its way to the sea. That is a discussion Stella and Luis entertained in depth, at the very beginning of their story. One that saw Luis explain this very simple rule of nature: You cannot stop the underlying reality. The one that was there before you and will still remain when you are gone.

As Stella wondered if her river would ever make it to Luis’s sea, he patiently explained to her that even if it had to run through the ground for a length of time or crush the rock that it faced, over thousands of years, her river would end-up melting in his sea. And without a doubt, it did. In much less time, obviously. But such is nature.

In their case, there is more to it, just like for The Maiden and me. But he could not know that before he entered into this relationship. Correction: He did not know that. I know, since I was there, inside Luis, when it all happened. For, even though he found the right words to explain their future (which, I swear, did not come from me), Luis was as surprised as me when we unveiled the depth of what was taking place; that is once all four of us shared the knowledge of our co-existence.

Amazement awaits everywhere. Just to watch water turn into ice, and melt again, before separating itself in droplets, that would always end-up melting into the mass of water anew, is something that moves me deeply. To admire the seasons changing, as nature comes alive, before going back to sleep once more, is something magical. To watch a newborn, whether it is human, animal or vegetal, is a sign that the universe needs no help to create perfection. After billions of years, I still take pleasure in these very simple realities, here on earth. And I know that most humans that reach a certain level of enlightenment, feel the same about this. This is something we share: Being in awe of beauty. For that is precisely what beauty is: The capacity of nature to create life, over and over and over again.

That is what I would like to be able to pass on to you, before we move any farther in this story. Open your eyes, when you walk on the streets of the city, and when you finally make it out of these ant mills, to remerge yourself into nature. Look around you. There is beauty everywhere. It can be found in the smile of this young man, passing you by, who has just fallen in love for the first time, or in the colourful flowers growing in the balcony planter of your neighbour.

When you get to the countryside and the open air, walk to the middle of a field where wild flowers grow, then close your eyes and listen to the racetrack sound that the multitude of bees create all around you. When you open your eyes again, watch how the sun breaks through the cloud and how it reminds you of the divine. In its own way, it certainly is its nature, for if we did not have the warmth of his rays, we would not exist. Not you, not the flowers, not me, nor the donkeys… You’ll have to ask Luis about that one. It was some kind of joke he shared with Stella.

But don’t look for more. There isn’t more. I have spent billions of years basking in beauty, and it was sufficient for me. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be the same for you. Let go of your daily chores, every once in a while. Free yourself from the slavery that your race has built for itself. Take comfort into the fact that your are unimportant. If you disappear tomorrow, the world will still keep going. Only once you fully understand the full meaning of this sentence, can you finally treat yourself the right way, by letting go of the culture that obligates you to matter. Once you fully understand that you are only you, will you benefit from the life that you were given. Then, make it worthwhile. Make it what you want it to be; not what others tell you it should be. In your world, everybody is trying to sell you something, because you are important. So, give yourself the freedom of being unimportant. You will suddenly start seeing all the beauty that surrounds you, and you can then become a part of it, as well.

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