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And She was

When the Maiden came to life, she simply awoke - as if she had always been. A young adult, barely out of adolescence on a physical level, but a child who knew nothing. The first sensation she felt was beauty, as she looked around. The sun was warm on her body, and the blue of the sky was a reflection of the vastness of the moment that was blooming inside her.

The sound of insects flying around was soothing, as she awoke from what seemed like a forever dream. She did not have the sensation that she was being born. More like she had always existed. As she will come to understand, the feeling was right on the mark, for nothing is ever created in this universe that did not exist already, in another form.


She felt heavy, as she slowly got up. But she knew what she had to do – what she was capable of. It had been implanted in her by the Beings, who had created her. She didn’t know it at the time, but she and the man she would soon discover at her side, were but an experiment for the Beings, who were looking to create something that they could control. Why? I still don't know. Maybe they did it out of boredom, but I know that they believed it was their role and their nature to rule. They came to the conclusion (without me, of course) that since they were born the moment the Universe started to expand, they were meant to play an important part in it. They decided that it was to create logic in a universe that existed without rules. But where is the logic to that? 

I always knew they were control freaks. That is why I left them, to come and live on earth by myself, as I mentioned before. I had dreams of liberty and adventure, while they spoke of order and restructuring. There was nothing that could keep me tied to the others. However, they never did forgive me for leaving, as they believe that we were meant to stay together. But although I disrupted their perfect order, there was never a moment when we thought of fighting each other; the concept simply does not exist inside us. And so, they never came looking for me, and I did not return to the fold.

But no matter the why or the how of this creation, The Maiden did find herself on earth, where she woke up to a world of pure marvels. Once she had risen to her feet, she was attracted by something reflecting light, not too far in the distance, directly in front of her. I probably should have seen this as a sign, the fact that she was already attracted by light, from the moment that she woke up. But I didn't.

I came upon her as I was roaming the grounds. That was my daily routine, as I took the time to discover something new, every day. Evolution on earth was still fascinating me, even after the billions of years I had spent there. I never got bored looking for new elements that I still hadn’t noticed, on earth.

To be honest, I always thought that one day, once I would have figured out enough about this world, I would go and discover other ones. But in truth, I always found something that kept me connected to this planet and I never once thought that it was finally time to go. Had I known what was bound to happen next, I might have taken flight before. But then again...

I felt the wind slightly change direction as she took her first steps towards the lake in front of her. No one else, not even a butterfly, could have felt that change happen. But I did, because I had the capacity of sensing the smallest modifications happening around me. As I directed my attention towards this new “event,” she came into view. My essence suddenly felt different. I understood right away that my existence had suddenly changed, but I had no idea why it was so. I did not feel scared, more surprised about it. Yet that wasn’t the most peculiar sensation that I felt, right at that moment. This world I had loved so much, for so long, suddenly felt to me like one big danger. Not for me, but for her.

I had no idea at the time what that sensation was, but now I know: It was responsibility. The illogical conviction that I had to protect her. I could tell that she also felt something was happening. Something was calling her forward, as she felt her destination was near. A strange concept for someone with no knowledge of even where she was.

Each step forward made her heart beat faster. Was it the reflection of the sun on the soothing undulation of the water of the lake that made her feel this way? She most probably did not know, herself. But she was convinced that she wanted to go into it; to melt with it. She was coming nearer and nearer still, when suddenly something grabbed her wrist form behind, stopping her dead in her track.

The calmness she had felt, as she walked towards the light, immediately turned into fear. The pressure on her skin, the urgency she felt in it, and the loss of her own free-will, turned her heart into glass. She was helpless and the fear inside her, made her wish she hadn’t awakened from the eternal dream that she came out from, only minutes ago. She saw his shadow first, as the sun was behind them. It seemed immense and overpowering. She felt something warm running down her leg, but did not want to look down, too afraid of what would happen next.

As he passed her on her left, and she saw him entirely, she became a bit calmer, as if his body, which seemed similar to hers was a comforting factor. However, when he turned his face towards her, the look in his eyes made her understand, in a millisecond, that she would never be free again. He was in control, or so his eyes showed. He was bigger than her, and it seemed to suffice in the balance of power.

He looked at her, and then in a brusque gesture, indicated that she was not to move forward anymore. When he was convinced that she would stay in place, he started moving towards the lake warily, looking left and right as he did so, as if somebody else or something was watching him, unknowing that I was doing so. He threaded carefully, towards the sand that surrounded the water. Just when he was about to touch the surface, he saw his reflection in the water. After jumping back, afraid of a potential attack from this other individual, he quickly understood that he was actually seeing his own face. And he liked it so much, that he couldn’t keep his eyes away from it. It even brought him to smile, for the first time.

While vanity and pride were taking over him, the Maiden turned her head slightly to the right, to discover “me.” Though there was nothing there, somehow, she could feel my presence; something that wanted to protect her. I couldn’t deny that she was looking precisely in my direction.

That depth, that lived inside her eyes. That way, that she could stare at me during these seconds, which would one day turn into hours… I was mesmerized by such immensity, locked inside a living thing. And yet, I felt desperate… Yes, she was looking towards me. But in truth, she was looking right through me. And so, for the first time, I did not want to be an essence anymore. And although I knew, after living such a long time on earth, that everything that lived eventually died, I still wanted to leave my ever-lasting existence, just for a moment of “eternity” with her.

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